Over half a billion BLIK transactions  and 16.3 million active users in Q1 2024

Over half a billion BLIK transactions and 16.3 million active users in Q1 2024

Over half a billion BLIK transactions and 16.3 million active users in Q1 2024

In Q1 2024, BLIK recorded a significant increase of nearly 40% in the number of transactions compared to the previous year, reaching a total of 518 million operations worth PLN 73.9 billion (17.1 bn EUR). At the end of March, 16.3 million users were actively using the solution. In the analysed period, the number of BLIK phone transfers grew most dynamically - Poles used this service as many as 132 million times. A clear increase was also recorded in the POS channel. Between January and March, users made more than 105 million transactions in conventional stores and service points, i.e. almost 50% more than in the previous year.

Cutting edge in e-commerce

In Q1 2024, the largest number of BLIK transactions were completed in e-commerce - every second payment was made in this channel. In the analysed period, BLIK users made as many as 264.9 million online payments, i.e. 28% more than in the previous year. The value of online transactions reached PLN 37.8 billion (8,8 bn EUR), compared to PLN 26.9 billion (6,2 bn EUR) a year earlier. The average value of a single online purchase was PLN 143 (33,1 EUR).

In the analysed period, BLIK strengthened its position as a reliable and preferred payment method among Polish Internet users. In Q1 2024, as in previous periods, the most common use was on marketplace platforms, where the average cart value was PLN 123 (28,5 EUR). The highest value of the shopping cart was recorded in the "fashion" category: users paid an average of PLN 230 (53,3 EUR) for purchases in stores offering clothes and footwear. 

The quarter-on-quarter increase in the number of transactions observed not only confirms consumers' confidence in BLIK but also proves their growing readiness to use modern financial solutions. From the outset, BLIK was designed as a versatile and easily accessible payment solution that users can benefit from regardless of where they live, their age or their level of tech skills. We believe it is a bridge connecting various generations, providing them not only with comfort but also with security and positive experiences in everyday transactions. That is why our marketing campaigns and promotional activities, including the annual BLIKOMANIA lottery, are aimed at further promoting BLIK among existing users, as well as increasing awareness of its services among those new to it

- stresses Monika Król, vice-president of the Polish Payment Standard, BLIK operator.

P2P's dynamic growth

Between January and March, users were just as likely to settle using BLIK phone transfers. Their number increased year-on-year by 59%, to 132 million. The value of P2P transactions also increased significantly. In Q1 2024, it amounted to PLN 19.3 billion (4,5 bn EUR), i.e. 79% more than in the same period last year. The average value of a single transfer is PLN 151 (35 EUR). The growing interest in phone transfers is reflected in the steadily increasing share of this service in the total number of transactions made using BLIK. They now account for more than a quarter of all payments.

More BLIK in conventional stores

Transactions at payment terminals were also quite popular in Q1 2024. Between January and March, users made 105.2 million payments this way, worth PLN 5.9 billion (1,4 bn EUR). This is an increase of 48% and 55%, respectively, compared to the results obtained at the end of March 2023. About 37% of all POS transactions were contactless payments. In the analysed quarter, users chose this option 39.2 million times, i.e. 59% more than in the same period last year. The value of BLIK contactless payments was PLN 1.7 billion (394 m EUR), compared to PLN 1 billion (232 m EUR) in the previous year. Since the service was first made available, it has been activated nearly 3 million times and used for payments in 152 countries.

The quarter in question also saw a steady increase in ATM cash deposits and withdrawals. At the end of March, their number increased year-on-year by one-fifth to 15.9 million. In turn, the value of deposits and withdrawals from ATMs amounted to PLN 10.9 billion (2,5 bn EUR), i.e. 27% more than a year earlier.  The average value of a single deposit or withdrawal from an ATM is PLN 688 (159 EUR).

Getting closer to 6 million transactions every day

In Q1 2024, Poles made an average of 5.7 million BLIK payments each day. The record-breaking daily number of transactions (completed in all channels - e-commerce, POS, ATM and P2P), which amounted to 8.9 million, was recorded in the system on 8 March 2024. The average amount of BLIK payment in the analysed period was PLN 143 (33,1 EUR), while the value of all BLIK transactions reached PLN 73.9 billion (17.1 bn EUR), i.e. 48% more than in the same quarter of 2023.

At the end of March 2024, BLIK was actively and regularly used by 16.3 million users, 2.8 million more than a year earlier. In addition, there are already 29.5 million mobile apps registered in the system.

Prospects for further development

Recent months have been a time of intensive development and introduction of new features for BLIK. The BLIK Płacę Później [BLIK Pay Later] service has been made available to VeloBank customers at VeloMarket and Morele, and in recent days - after the pilot phase - also to all Bank Millennium users. Additionally, BLIK has also been steadily expanding its presence in government - it is now available as part of the mObywatel app in as many as 50 offices.

In the coming quarters, we will continue to work hard to expand BLIK's features - to make it even easier for our users to manage their finances and liabilities. We are particularly focused on the development of the BLIK Płacę Później service, which we intend to make available to the entire e-commerce market in the coming months. However, our ambitious plans include not only Poland but also the Slovak and Romanian markets, where we are continuing to work on introducing BLIK capabilities. We hope that soon we will be able to present further results of our actions

- concludes Monika Król.


BLIK is a common standard for mobile payments. Currently, virtually every customer of domestic payment institutions offering a mobile application has the option of using BLIK in mobile banking applications. Polish Payment Standard (Polski Standard Płatności, PSP) is responsible for the development of the system. PSP constantly develops BLIK's capabilities so that the system is as functional as possible. The shareholders of PSP are: Alior Bank, Bank Millennium, Santander Bank Polska, ING Bank Śląski, mBank, PKO Bank Polski, and Mastercard.


For further information, please contact:

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BLIK Press Office

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